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Unwanted shadow when I place an image in a section

Hi there!
I’m new to webflow, so I apologise if the issue seems trivial to you.
I’m building a detail page that contains a nav section, a header section, and a hero image section.

The image I’m trying to place, that should occupy the whole browser weight, is just an html image tag within a section.

There’s an annoying shadow at the bottom of the image, that I cannot get rid of, as there are no classes applied that are creating conflicts.

Is it a known problem? how should I fix it?

Many thanks!

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This shadow is part of the image, not a style that’s been applied. You could crop it off or re-make the image without that shadow.

Thanks for your reply @spirelli ! This is what I thought at the beginning but it seems it’s not part of the image, unless I’m missing something. That’s odd…

This is the link to the image:

…and you’ve got that in the field “Cause Hero image”

Thank you. I couldn’t see anything weird in the pic but I replaced it with a new one, which in fact works fine. Still puzzled about why that image’s shadow shows only in the html page but hey! I solved the problem. Thanks for your help!