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Trouble with SEO and search rankings for sites hosted externally

Something happened lately (I couldn’t tell you what) but every websites I built with webflow are gone from google search. One of them is

I used to type “sneakers app” or “app for sneakers” in google and be number 1 in results for the past 3-4 years! . As of today and since a month i think - that search gives 0 result. Gone!

Weblow: Have you made some changes lately that I’m not aware of?

Any other webflow users with the same issue?

Appreciate your help in advance @Waldo

Hi @webflowusers thanks for reaching out! A lot goes into search engine optimization for a site and your rankings will change over time as competitors enter a space or if you’re not continually optimizing a site for the appropriate keywords/phrases.

Please note that your site “” is hosted externally from Webflow.

The “www” version of your site is a separate site and indexed separately for search engines so that is causing you to lose out on a lot of domain authority: (

Here is Webflow’s SEO Essentials guide to help better your Webflow hosted sites SEO and also has helpful tips on updates to keep making for sites hosted externally:

I would recommend maybe looking for an SEO specialist or using some SEO tools to find ways to optimize your sites.


There have been several google updates recently.

Different niches present listings differently.

With just a brief look…

Your niche is difficult to rank in.

It seems - in your niche - only Tier 1 websites appear on page 1 and tier 2+ websites start on page 2.

Your website ( has little to no content.

Your blog is on a different domain.

Your other site is on page 2 position 1… so overall position 11.

Not bad when you are competing against Nike and Adidas.

We are an SEO company.

Image 1 and 2 are page 1 on google.
Image 3 is page 2.



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If you need to rank in sneaker apps then firstly you need content and then domain authority…

How’s your website? Have you made any contact with an SEO specialist? or any tools?

Here are the the top three SEO strategies.
1.Technology speed
c.loading time
2.Onpage SEO

  1. Promotion
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First, Install SSL certificate on your website. In chrome, it shows Error like - “Your connections to this site is not secure”.

Then redirect your all HTTP urls to HTTPS.

Hope it helps you.

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With this SEO techniques - page speed, SSL certificates it works properly.
I agree with other replies…