Trouble with portrait view for mobile phones

Hi Guys,

i have some trouble to get the vertical view for mobile phones right. I guess that it has to do something with the settings i have for this particular section, but i could get it right so far. For the other sections was working with 100% height and it worked quite well. Though i am not quite sure if this is a really elegant solution.

Maybe you guys can have a look into my project and see if there is something i am missing.

Here is the link to my Project:

Hi George,

I am not sure what you are trying to achieve here. Next time, could you maybe point out the issue a little bit better? Like what section you are talking about or maybe with a screenshot?

However, I think you mean “Section 3”. Just remove the 100% height, set your flex direction to column and you’re good.

Grüße aus Bayern,

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Hi Karl-Heinrich,

thank you for your fast replay. Indeed i was looking for a solution for section3 on portrait mode on mobiles. Sorry if this wasnt really clear. Your solution does the trick, though i was looking for a simple setting which could work throughout all mobile devices. Still this is a good work around. Thank you very much.

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Hi George,

if you want it to work on all devices, set your height to auto everywhere and enjoy the result.


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