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100% Browser Height for Hero Section: Mobile design is off

The 100% height works on every platform but the landscape mobile (Screenshot Provided).
Is there any way to fix this?



Here is my site Read-Only:

Could you re-upload that screenshot? I’m not seeing any issues when I check the read-only so an image of what you’re seeing as being incorrect would be helpful.

This is what it should look like.

Did those screenshots work?

Hi @Alexandros_Clufetos

I took a look at the live site on mobile landscape. It looks like the section itself is taking up 100% of the view port height, but your content is overflowing to the next section:


You may consider setting this section’s height to auto, or decreasing the dimensions / space around these child elements to resolve this issue.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Alexandros_Clufetos,

I wasn’t able to view your live site, but I did preview from the designer.

As @Brando mentioned there appears to be an overflow issue.
Perhaps try the following settings on the ‘Section | Hero’ class (for the Section element) to see if it gives the desired result:

  1. Change Height: Auto
  2. Set Min (Height): 100vh


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I’ve done what you said. But I can’t seem to get it to work.

Hi Alex, @Alexandros_Clufetos

Are you still having issues with the Landscape mobile view?

No. But, Thank you for the concern.

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