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Problems with resolution

Hey Webflowers!

Why do i have all these trouble with my resolution for mobil devices ?
For example the colums under the slider, and furtheremore the the paragraph and headline in within the slider.
Just change to mobile devices, you will see the issues.

Thanks for helping!

I actually don’t see any problems. The reason the text is to big in the Hero Section (Slider) is because you need to make it smaller for mobile. While the columns automatically fit vertically (opposed to horizontal) because it will not look good horizontally laid out on a mobile phone. Hope this helps. :yum:

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Thank you VLAD,

you teached me that i am able to change my design in other resolutions.
I didnt know that before.

Is there any way to make my colums (for tablet device) horizontal?

Play around with these settings @Schaetzmeister

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Yup, just look at the example @DharmaNode showed you. :yum: Hope it helps. :grinning:

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