Trouble with Mobile Menu/page due to overflow

Hi, was wondering if anyone else has run into this issue

Here’s the page >

The mobile menu seems to be pushed to the far right, but only on my phone, when I try to mimic a small mobile viewport on desktop / chrome, it shows up fine.

Any help would be super appreciated as this is just out of my webflow skillset ;( #damnYOUbrain

Shareable edit in webflow =
SiteMap help > ONLY happening in Section / Folder Grow >all 4 pages

this is how it should show up [ and is ONLY in chrome, not on mobile phone ]

Much thanks for your time & energy :wink:

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

I have gone thru the page and deleted each section / div and found the culprit - seem to be this section
So I’m just trying to rebuilt it, but could use any guidance, thxs

I seem to have fixed it by deleting that Container and creating a new one, of the 4 Grow pages, this one is now fixed >

As usual, just putting one’s head down and going the (F) Navigator and taking out one Container / Div at a time and then publishing and testing on a device does the work, its a bit timely, but 1hr 30 min later, I have that moment of satisfaction that I took the time to learn how to troubleshoot this myself. Pat on back a wee bit. Lovin’ webflow as usual!

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Hi @LvnLife, good news that you got that styled :slight_smile: When I looked the issue seemed to be overflow on the text elements on those containers, due to non-breaking space:

I would suggest to paste clear text into the text elements instead of formatted text (like from a web page or microsoft word).

Another solution is as you mentioned to delete the container, or you can also set the container to overflow hidden. Setting the container with the text with the non-breaking space though, will result in text getting cut off.

You might try to recreate the container and text, and:

  1. copy and paste the text in to the text element as plain text
  2. use multiple paragraphs when you have different blocks/lines of text

I hope this helps and good job on the troubleshooting :slight_smile:

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