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Issues with the mobile menu

So I checked this rebuild I’m working on and the mobile menu only goes down about 6 links before it gets cut off. Making matters worse you’re unable to scroll down as it seems to be scrolling the page (which is in the background) rather than the menu. Suggestions?

You can check it on your mobile here -

Since, I can’t publish and view it on my phone… Why don’t you try adding an overflow: automatic to the ‘Nav Menu’.

every mobile phone screen size is different. For example, big phones like the iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S5 and Nexus 6 can probably see all your links while smaller phones can’t.

Because of this, I suggest limiting the number of parent nav items in your nav bar. Or you can categorize your parent nav items and give those nav item children nav items with the dropdown menu widget.

I have an LG G3 and with the padding I couldn’t see everything. I had to lower it quite a bit. Limiting the nav items is not a very good solution unfortunately. I’m assuming the mobile menu just takes up 100% of the visible height of the phone screen?

I was thinking about using the overflow: automatic but I seem to be getting a vertical scrollbar which I can’t figure out why.

Ok now the scroll doesn’t work on the menu - overflow: automatic doesn’t work. That’s what it’s set at currently.