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Trouble with Lottie animation - bodymovin

My environment

  • Browser and Browser Version: safari 14.0
  • After Effects Version: 17.5.0

What I do?
I made an animation for my website. I used bodymovn to export it. I included the rasterised images in the json file like I always do. This time, when I load the file into my website, the animation just freezes at a certain point. I also tried to export the animation from where the error occurs (I cut the first part off) just to see if it works. It didn’t, its still just frozen in the website.

What did I expect to happen?
I expected the animation to work, like all my other animated icons and assets in the website.

What actually happened?
The animation stopped an with it all the other icons on the homepage froze as well.

Download link and my files
Here is a link with the after effects file: No link available anymore, case solved. I also included the json file I rendered. In the AE file its all about the “Main_Comp_Website_Banner” and “Main_Comp_Website_Banner 800x800” compositions. That last one is just the smaller version.

Here also the link to my website where the file is currently showed (scroll down a bit on the homepage to the “BEHAAL RESULTAAT MET CONTENT MARKETING” part. its the part below the blue box.)

I hope someone can help me out! Thanks!


Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

The case is solved already, Thanks!

Great, How did you solve it?