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Lottie Animation Won't Play

I’m trying to put a Lottie Animation into my website. I followed this tutorial I installed bodymovin, I made my animation, and I placed it into my Webflow project. My animation is of stars where there opacity changes between 0% to 100%. I created the stars in Illustrator and imported them into After Effects as Composition- retain layer size. I then converted the shapes to vector layers. When i import the json file into my project, I am able to see it. It just doesn’t animate.

I can’t share a public share link since I am part of a team for my class. I’m sorry this is all new to me.


Try putting you lottie animation here

and see is it the fault of animation or something with webflow.

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I dragged it in there and my animation worked fine.

It is clear this is not Lottie issue.
can you not put this Lottie on an empty page a share preview link.