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After Effects File not rendering completely in Bodymovin

Hi, so I have made an after effects that I am trying to upload to my site. I have watched all tutorials and have been using Bodymovin to export my file but the json file is not my entire animation. Only one text element is appearing in my animation and my stroke write on effect is not appearing when I export as well as the preview in Bodymovin. I have also changed ai layers to shape layers as I know that creates an issue.

Please help!!!

Also not sure how I upload my aep file here?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Not everything that AE can do is compatible with Bodymovin/Lottie. For instance, a lot of masks aren’t compatible, a lot of objects that aren’t shapes, a lot of results from expressions, nested compositions etc…

Below are all the features supported by Lottie. Any other effects used in After Effects will not be rendered by the Bodymovin plugin as they are not compatible with Lottie animation. Hope this helps.