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Trouble with https links pointing to site using http

I just received this error (see attached screenshot) from Google, when clicking on one of our adwords links from the Google Search result page.

This does not happen

Browser: Chrome for OS X (latest stable).

I really hope this can be fixed, since it would be a nightmare if our visitors get this experience every time they hit an adword link on Google.

Hi @SiavashVJ, I cannot see the link you are clicking, but that message means that the link is using an https link, but the site in webflow is served via http.

HTTP is not secure while https is. When the browser tries to open the webflow site, since it is not using SSL, the warning appears.

I would update the adword links to point to http instead of https.

Thanks @cyberdave,

I get that, however the AdWords links are pointed to http, and that’s what baffles me. I can’t see what else could cause this problem.

Hi @SiavashVJ, thanks for the additional info. Could you help to share the link urls, that I may check further?

Thanks in advance!

Sure, here is the full AdWords link (taken straight from the Google Results page):

Thanks, I am checking on this, will get back when I have further info.

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