Security warning re SSL / HTTPS

Hey Webflow!

So something weird has happened… and I want to confirm with you all if my assumption here is correct…

Essentially an EDM was sent out, and all of the visitors go this message:

It’s for the site:

The ORIGINAL link added to the button in Mailchimp is the following:

Which redirects to (and shows the error):

The obvious reason it’s happening, is because it’s trying to access the site from HTTPS, rather than HTTP, which will make it all good.

The weird part it, that the URL for the blog page was copied directly from the address bar, and pasted into MailChimp… so I am wondering why it would go to https in that case… if MailChimp is skewing the URL or something like that…

I am just wanting to confirm if this is just a URL type, a MailChimp mishap, or something more serious… thanks!

Why would mailchimp convert http URLs to https? You should contact mailchimp and ask why this is happening. This is definitely not a Webflow bug.

Hi @johnnymitch, sorry to hear about the trouble with the mailchimp url. Could you try the url without the http part, like this:


I hope this helps, let me know if the issue persists!

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