Exporting as HTTPS not HTTP

I’m hosting my site elsewhere and just changed my site to https so Chrome won’t show the security warnings. If you didn’t know they will be flashing warnings that the site is NOT secure soon for ecommerce sites and soon after that for ALL sites. Could lead to significant bounce rate increases.

Anyway, right now Webflow exports all my pages as HTTP://…Can I get this to change to HTTPS:// ???

I can do it after download but would prefer not to…about 50 pages…

HTTPS is based on your SSL certificate.
It depends on where you’re hosting or your domain provider for your site to have HTTPS. Webflow offers free HTTPS for sites hosted with Webflow. Most other places charge.

If you are using wordpress -https://wordpress.org/plugins/really-simple-ssl/installation/
If your domain offers it you can buy a certificate from them.

Not sure you read my question completely.

I have SSL where I’m hosting.

Webflow downloads ALL pages as http://

I’d like it to download as https://

So I don’t have to change the name of every page manually…

I might be WAY off on this…

Looks like the Webflow downloaded pages are just HTML without http OR https in front of them.

Weird thing is I can access a page on chrome with just the http and it doesn’t show the secure site.

If I add the “s” to make it https than the Secure Site green lock symbol shows…

Hi @tahiles, unless you are creating manual links with https, the built in page linking is by default going to export http.

The ability to toggle export to force all links to https is a good idea and I have added to the wishlist: https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-428.

At the moment, you would need to change those links manually after export, or as mentioned, host the site with Webflow SSL.

I hope this helps.


With the latest Chrome requirements for SSL I think this is a much needed feature…

why can’t you just use htaccess to force all links to https?

This is a server configuration issue, as you are hosting elsewhere. See http://stackoverflow.com/q/4398951/584192

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