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Trouble with Grid #HELP meets #ARGGGHH > There seems to be Gremlins in the machine / code at times!

I’ve got one client, so many times they’ve told me over the past two months that things just aren’t right, and when I go look. Some sections of code have been duplicated, moved and or the layout just goes haywire,

…ANYONE else having these issues/feelings?

// Symbols

For instance
Same footer symbol used across all the pages
Works fine here >
Broken here >

– Then there is also the issue of when code gets pushed from STAGING server [ URL ] to LIVE PRODUCTION [ clients .com ] - things just go WEIRD…
// CMS
Page looks fine here >
Layout goes all Gremlin here >

Can a webflow help person pls help me while I still have hair left on my head ;(
I LOVE webflow, but this is sooooo frustrating when I’m tired of telling the client its not me, it’s webflow…and they tell me, stop blaming the software. ARGHHHHH

a currently unhappy Webflow customer ;(

Shared URL >

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Everything looks the same on the links you posted but I’m currently browsing on my phone.

Can you give us some more details? What browser are you experiencing the problems in? Can you provide screenshots? Any extra information will help Webflow and/or the community help you out.

The layout:grid property is absent from the places where it is haywire. As to why the class is different I cannot say.

thanks Dram, how would one go about fixing this?

It looks like everything is fine today though? Can you confirm?

Yes, all i did was publish the latest code from the staging server to LIVE production [ site ] server.

I personally don’t think grid is 100% yet, but thats what happens with version 1.0 new features / code out there i guess. Back to columns n’ flexbox to be safe I guess!

Hey Ryan,

I’ve looked at all the links you sent, and I’m seeing the exact same (matching) content across all of them — i.e. no errors as you have described.

I know I’ve had a few gremlins before during the CMS phase, when previewing using the same browser that I am logged into Webflow in. Have you checked in another, cache-cleared browser?


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