Trouble with Dynamic CMS Cards in Blog Text

I am trying to build a blog that includes articles about, eg. “Top 20 Products You Should Buy”. I am having difficulty organizing my collection page, given that each blog will be unique. I have a product collection and a blog post collection. I am trying to place products dynamically within my blog article. I have made products as a multi-reference field to select more than one product per blog post. I can’t figure out how to edit the rich text, so I can place headings and easily edit descriptions instead of going to the product collection and writing a generic description for each product. These products will be inserted into many different posts and in a collection page with all the products so there cant be duplicates and the description text is unique per post. See the following photo for an example of what I’m trying to achieve.

As you can see, it’s a little bit challenging because every collection page is the same and I need numbered headings for each product, variable amount of products shown, an introduction, a conclusion, buttons, and a unique description.

How do I insert all these dynamic fields into something? I can edit the text easily. My problem is that every collection page is the same and rich fields cant have dynamic cards within the text. I thought someone might have an embed solution, but it needs to be linked to the other Products CMS collection.

You’re trying to mix free-form layout concepts with structured content concepts. It can sort of be done, with some creativity and a bit of tech. But why?

In what you’ve shown, you have a blog, with some products listed, a photo and some links. All of that can be done in one big rich text element. And for some of your needs like the ability to have per-article product descriptions, that seems more logical.

I think the main question I’d as is, why do you need products in the CMS at all? What does that give you? Do your really need a per-product page, or are you building an e-commerce store, or just linking externally somewhere for purchasing?

I see there possible general approaches here-

Put everything in an RTE.
You can do some creative CSS, embeds, and scripting to add e.g. buttons.

Here the Article is primarily an ordered list of products, which you write custom descriptions for. The product photo, title, price, links, etc, come from a products table. Similar to what you’re doing now, But you’d have…

Articles coll
Products coll
ArticleProduct coll, which refs the article, and product, and has a sequence and a custom description. This would form the meat of the article, the rest would be intro and summary rich text.

Here the article is all rich text, but you have embeds or smart links that will bring up the product detail peripherally.
I’d either lightbox the product, or have a sidebar nav that lists the products and scrolls to them