Reference CMS item in rich text

Is it possible to reference a CMS item in rich text? Let’s say I am writing an article and would like to pull in dynamic data from a CMS collection (e.g. image, pricing information) for featured items throughout the article. How would you do this?

See this screenshot for an example of what I’m trying to achieve.

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Hi @webflow6 :wave: You may try this: Powerful Rich Text - Add HTML and components to Webflow Rich Text Block

Thanks! From what I understand, this would only work if I created a component for each product. So it might get unwieldy if I have 100s of products.

How many max products you plan to place in the post? Really 100?

You would create one fs-component that represents every product, and put it on your product page. There you can hide it, and reference it from your CMS page remotely.

Read the PRT docs, they’ll explain.

EDIT: I was just adding this to a site, here’s a simple v1;

The FS PRT macro looks like this, and references the fs-component from another page ( in this case an article CMS page );


The embedded fs-component looks like this;

Not need to create Components. A much more flexible option is to use blocks with multi-reference Collections.

Webflow supports a maximum of 20 collections per page, let’s take into account that there may be some more collection inserts on the page with other collection elements (menus, sliders, etc. ~5 collections):point_down:

We get that we can create 15 multi-reference collections for the blog and can use them in the post in 15 places.

I finally got around to implementing this and this answer helped. Thank you!