Add dynamic "Product Cards" to CMS Blog Article Page

I have an “Articles” CMS collection with a rich text field where the content will go.

Let’s say I create another CMS collection, we’ll call it “Products”.

Now, I want to imitate what Wirecutter has done over on their reviews blog articles, with dynamic “Product Cards” (which will get all it’s data from the “Products” CMS collection) in between the text.

Is this possible? If yes, what are the steps needed to properly implement?


Here is my public share link: Public Share Link

Link to Wirecutter blog article for example: The Best Flatware for 2023 | Reviews by Wirecutter

I don’t believe this is possible using a rich text element.
Your Articles collection will need a multi-reference field connected to the Products. Your products will need to have appropriate fields/tags that work with your articles.
You will go to your Articles template page, insert a list for the Products collection. Then set up some filtering based on the product you want to show… limit the number of products, etc.

Not a perfect match for your scenario, but this video has some cross over function that should help: