CMS Blog Structure w/ Lists and Cards Embedded

Looking to build something similar to the following. I’m having trouble with the styling of each list item. I assume it would be a Rich Field Text with an embedded card that uses dynamic cms products. If anyone knows about this, templates, or cloneables of something similar to this, let me know. It’s an advanced blog, and each heading should be numbered and preferably include dynamic product info and images that way, I can post a product on several different pages or change info to reflect an updated price or availability. I also have no coding experience, so I am wondering about how to copy and paste the coding for the product card/grid layout into the list. I created cards and when I copy them and paste them into an embed, nothing happens. Looking for ideas.

What your asking for is actually just slightly complex, because you will have tradeoffs between the capabilities and the editorial admin overhead.

Let’s assume you’ve got an ecom site, and your items are Products someone can purchase.

In your CMS you’d have something like;

Blog Article
Blog Article Section ( ref to article, plus numeric ID 1 2 3…, plus ref to product(s) )

The Article Collection Page would contain a collection list bound to sections, which would filter them to that current article, and sort them by ID. You’d create the product tiles within that, possible as a nested collection.

When you build an article, you’d create the products, the article, and each of the article sections.

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