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Trouble with dropdown

Hi people,
I need your help again.I spend a lot of time trying to solve the issue but I couldn’t and I am desperate again :slight_smile:

I managed to make a dropdown menu in navigation using webflow following this:

Everything is great you can see it here:

But for some reason when the menu dropdown it pushes the content under it. I tried everything but it still pushes things down. What could be the reason? Please help.

This is the preview link but it shows the landing page I am not sure if this helps:

Thank you in advance.

Could be a number of things, and without seeing the structure of the page with the issue it’s difficult to say. (Wading through the code isn’t easy).
You may have all content in the same section.
You ought to create a section at the top for the Header and put the logo and Nav in there. Create a new section for the main content and put the truck and other logo in that.
That may sort it as the two areas will not be connected.
Have you tried altering the Z-index, that may be another option, but if the structure is correct I don’t think you should have to.
Good luck

I looked through your docs but you seem to have removed the nav. Like PixelAce said, create a container to hold all your nav elements, and then according to preference give it an absolute or fixed position with a high z-index number. That will keep it from bumpin down the current elements.

thanks for your answers…I’ve tried what you suggested but nothing work.I managed to handle this playing with the margins and the paddings of the sections under the drop down.
Thanks a lot for your help.