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Dropdown falling behind search box, can't get it right

If you head to the theme I’m working on (, click the “Help” link on the top right. You’ll see the dropdown list falls behind the search box. I’ve tried messing around with z-index, but can’t seem to get it working right. Anybody have an idea?

can you provide the project share link? <-- Is this not it?

It is not it (:

Learn how to do it here:

Sorry about that! Here’s the link:

I failed ): I clicked everywhere to try to make it work and didn’t…

I would rebuild it from the ground if I was facing that.

Rebuild it from the ground up lol.

I ended up fixing it, for anybody else having a similar issue, here’s what I had to do.

On the class for navbar, it had a position: relative that was automatically given by Webflow. I manually added a position of relative again and gave it a z-index of 100. Then on the dropdown for the top bar, I manually gave that a position:absolute with a z-index of 101. This fixed the problem!

Good! But I’m pretty sure I had tried this on the old structure.

Rebuilding is better than losing a day trying to fix, right? (: