Trouble uploading image

While uploading a supported image file, I get a placeholder image at the top of the page instead. I’ve tried refreshing page several times and trying other files that have worked in the past. Still nothing. What could it be?

Hi @prietolandia, sorry for the long wait, regarding the image upload, what kind of image are you uploading?

Sometimes opening the browser in incognito mode or private window mode without any browser extensions will help.

If that does not help, could you post an image you are trying to upload and let me know what browser and operating system is being used?

You may also send this info and get help at

Thanks in advance!

Thanks cyberdave.

I will try the incognito mode option. In the meantime, I’m trying to upload .jpg or .png, all optimized for web use, none more than 200k. I’m using Chrome for Mac.

It ends up letting me upload the image after several tries and several placeholders being inserted where I then have to delete or Undo.

Thanks again.

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