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Image uploads not working for me in any browser

Anyone else having trouble with or found a solution to the problem of images not uploading?
Started happening yesterday and I can’t get an image to upload in any of the ways (drag/drop, clicking upload button), any browser, even in incognito mode and with extensions turned off.

No trouble here, but I know I’ve seen issues from other members in the past when a file type isn’t used.

Can you confirm that your image has a file type associated with it?

Yes, it’s a standard JPG, I uploaded variations of the file previously but now nothing will upload at all. Thanks for checking.

Hmm, that seems strange, is it just that image or are you unable to upload any image?

If you want to send it my way I’d be happy to see if it uploads on my end.

Ok, now it looks like files are uploading again! Weird, guess they solved it or the gremlins moved on to another bit of mischief.

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