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Trouble shooting

I was just about done building my site and have hit a wall. One of my paragraphs only shows its background fill when I click on it and hold the click. And one of my buttons…the one that links to the same paragraph on that page…only shows how I formatted it when the mouse is on it…as soon as I scroll off it, it appears back with the default settings. I have NO idea what I did to cause this to happen. It was going so well. Ugh. Any help is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

Thanks Vincent! Here it is! Oddly, when I re-logged in this morning, the background fill under the services section showed up as it should…although it seems to still have lost its “paragraph” designation and is connected to “heading”. However, a second button is now defaulted back to black/white/rectangle except when I place the cursor on it…in which case they show how I formatted them. The only difference between these two buttons and the one that looks right is that the one that looks right says “current” and the other two don’t. I am COMPLETELY new at this and essentially a technological cave person. Thanks so much!

Hi you must have played so much with your buttons that everything broke (: you’ve been stuck with normal, hover states. Look at the screencast I just did (let it a bit of time to upload):

You’ll understand some things. there’s still a bug after what I did. So my advice is delete your three buttons and start over. design one well, add hover state, when it works ok, duplicate it , rename and relink.

Ugh. I deleted the three buttons…I even deleted the columns and started over by adding the columns and then adding the buttons. When I add the first button, it is already formatted like the old one…as if I never deleted it.

Since the first button works well…can I copy it and just switch what it is supposed to link to?

Scratch that…now the first button isn’t working…it’s not linked and when I click “hover” it reverts back to none.

I might start crying. Is that normal? :slight_smile:

I now got the About button to work again (and didn’t cry)…how do I copy that button and just change the name to “services” and “contact” respectively…and relink to the appropriate part of the page? Thank you!!

I really am trying to resolve this on my own…but failing. When I try to create a new button in the second and third columns…I start from scratch and rename the class for the new column…but as soon as I click on + “button” it reverts back to the faulty setting that leaves it black/white/rectangular unless you scroll on it. So even when I delete everything and start over, including the columns, it just reverts back to being screwed up when I add the button back in.

Don’t cry!

Start over, real over. Look in this video how I clean all the properties you’ve affected to the button element. Notice that, once clean, I add my own class to the button ‘my button’ so it’s easier to start over and harder to mess with the standard button element.

in the end, everything works great. Don’t lose the faith (:

Will give it a shot and let you know! Thank you so much. If you hear a primal scream…it is coming from Westchester, NY.

Haha, you mean it’s a White PAIN thing? (;

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I could not figure out how to copy the original button and bump it over to columns 2 and 3 (I saw the green + on your video but could not figure out what I had to click to do that), so I just redesigned the other two buttons from scratch. It works! For some reason I maxed the number of replies so the system shut me out for 12 hours so I couldn’t thank you yesterday.

I do have another question. For some reason the text under services and contact got linked with the heading…although I inserted them (or thought I did) as paragraphs like the text under “About.” So now I can’t make changes to the text in those sections separately like I can in the “About” section. Is there a way to separate the text within the bordered/background filled area from the heading?

Thank you!

Copy/paste element euther by ctrl/cmd+C and ctrl/cmd+V or ALT and drag.

I’m travelling today. Stuck in the high speed train in the middle of the country because traffic light sustem failed. Going to be a 7 hrs ride instead of 2… They just gave us the emergency lunch boxes… Hmm, canned salad, apple sauce and crackers.

Will have a look at your stuff tonight if nobody comes to your rescue.

Ugh! The irony of being stuck on a high speed train. No worries! Whenever you get to it is great and very appreciated. Can’t say I’m jealous of the canned salad…but if they’re Ritz crackers…glass half full.

Figured it out! Well…sort of…I just created a new container and redid everything…which is safe to say not the most time efficient way to go…but I’m feeling pretty proud since up to this point my technological savy was limited to email and internet searches.

Hey Vincent,
Inch at the end of the mile…I can’t seem to publish my site correctly. Is publishing the same as going live on the web? If I publish my site…shouldn’t it come up in a google search? When I click to publish it to my…it says “successfully published” but not that “congratulations you’re live” that the tutorial shows me. Am I doing something wrong?

If you haven’t done so, you should watch all the tutorial videos. They will help with this type of stuff.

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