Headings and Text do not Appear

Hi, I am new to webflow.
Everything was working fine, I was creating my portofolio website without any problem. All of a sudden, for some reason or bad manipulation on my part, my heading “Welcome to my portofolio” did not appear anymore. I tried to modify the z-index, without success. So I deleted the heading, then tried to put new ones, but the new ones didn’t appear either. I have too a problem on my pargraph that is appear white. I should mention that just before, in the same section as the heading, I had deleted an image that I had put in the background thanks to the z-index and the absolute position. In order to put it directly in “background image” in the same section.
Your help would be valuable, thank you beforehand! I put you screen and the link of my site.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

remove the text clipping on your Body element: Webflow - Melvin's Fabulous...

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