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Click Trigger to Show/Hide Content issues

Hi, tried out the Click Trigger to Show/Hide Content video tutorial, and it worked great. But just wondering what to do to get the text that comes forward, and to move away in a better way. Right now you can see that the content under is moving down. But the text just appear, while in your tutorial, the box kind of contract it self.

The grey Duty free button:)

Following the tutorial at:

I think I have all the same settings but don’t get the same result… I have a class name of “sectiontohide” that’s styled with a background color and a border. In that “sectiontohide”, I have a heading and a paragraph.

When I first click on the “button”, the paragraph and heading show immediately while the colored background and border do exactly as expected (slowly expands over the text). When I 2nd click, the text immediately disappears while the colored bg and border slowly move up than displays none.

The settings I have are:

Why isn’t the heading and paragraph doing the same thing as it’s container (sectiontohide) ? I must be missing something obvious…

Appreciate any help…

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Im having the exact same problem, any help would be great. I cant make it work with even a single text block, the text shows up before the background transition.

@inglebri, @MikeDSr58, and @Cas Can you guys post a troubleshooting link so we can see what exactly is going on? I’m not sure what exactly the behavior is and I can’t see how it can be fixed.

It may be that you have to have Overflow: none set on the block that has the text inside.


That worked perfect, Thanks!

Hi, I have been trying this for a while now, but I cant get the smooth movement to work. It just jumps. Even if time is set to 500 ms. And ideas:
The page is named Store Test. Its the pink ish button.

Set the store test page as homepage and then we can take a look at it.

Done:) And thanks for the help:) Hope you can figure out whats wrong.

Hi, we are thinking of publishing the page tonight. If I move the Home page back to the real Home page, and publish it, will the troubleshooting link still work if I then, after publishing, move the Home page back to Store Test, but dont publish?

I seems that the whole troubleshoot preview and the issue that we cant jump to different pages is making a bit more issues. Hope that you will be able to change that in the future:)

works great hahah! thanks for helping!

Changing the Overflow settings to hidden helped with the toggle problem, but I’m still getting no ease on my first click. The hidden text just appears. This is an effect I’m using site wide, so it’s kind of a deal breaker for your platform. Please help.

(applies to all buttons in the effects section)

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Did you ever fix this problem? If so, what did it? I’m having the same issue.