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Button Formatting gone Wonky

I promise I’m leaving home for a while so you won’t hear from me for a few hours :-/

I still am working on this show/hide text thing, but now, I want to show/hide a different area of text with a second button, so I had to give a new class to the first button that I created so that the section shown/hidden/ is different for the new button. Hope that makes sense.

Anyway, if I get rid of the “button” class and assign it a new class (which seems to be the only way to fix the problem), all formatting goes away, which is fine. I begin reformatting the button, but when I put in a background color, it is only going behind the text, not filling the entire button “rectangle” that I envision in my head.

I had this problem with the first button, and I clicked something and it went away, however, if I try to apply a shadow to the entire button, it only shadows the area behind the text, not the entire rectangle. I added a color change on hover, and for a spit second, you can see that the color behind the text doesn’t change as quickly - even in the browser.

I am now trying to create the second button and no matter what I do, I am having this formatting issue - everything applies only to the space behind the text. This time, my clicking is to no avail. All settings for both buttons appear to be the same, and I don’t understand why the editor isn’t treating the whole area background.

sigh you guys will be happy when I’m done with this site!
Thanks in advance.

why not try and use the TABS WIDGET. You can style the TABS ROW to float left as well as the TABS within it. Then float right the TAB CONTENT.

Change your display setting on the button from “INLINE” to “BLOCK”:

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Thank you for the suggestion. I want the buttons to be vertically aligned, not horizontally.

Much appreciated vlogic! I knew it was something simple. Thank you so much!

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