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Trouble Linking Navbar Links To My CMS Collections Pages

I would like to dynamically link all of my top and bottom navbar links that are category-specific (‘Photography’, ‘Videography’, ‘3D Virtual’ Tours and ‘Service Bundles’) straight to their respective category-level collections pages while maintaining the existing navbar styling I have on the site.

My understanding is that it’s possible to add a collection list to your navbar in order to dynamically link each navigation link to their respective category pages, however whenever I attempt to do this Webflow returns an error message that it’s not possible to do so.

What am I doing incorrectly? Would appreciate anyone’s help.

Thank you so much!


Read-only link:

If you have your category as a reference collection that links somewhere it should be possible to do this. I’m not quite sure why it’s not working but I have to ask the question, why does it need to be dynamic? Why not just link there?

You may need to create a dynamic embed for the links though so that you could have but have a dynamic embed creating it where those elements would be chosen from the collection.

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@themikic provided a really wonderful solution.

Thank you for your thoughts as well @DFink!


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