Nav Links and Collection Template

I am currently building out a prototype for an online blog. The blog has 4 different categories currently. I have category, blog posts and authors collections. I want to link each link in my navigation menu to its specific collection template (i.e music nav link goes to music collection page).

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OK so the “collection template” is strictly a page that will show one item of a collection. One post of the blog post, ore one category of the categories. The collection template for categories is rarely used, unless you need to explain what categories rely to.

So are you rather asking “I want to link each link of my navigation menu to a list of concerned blog posts” ?

If so, that’s easy. You create one page per category you want to see items listed.

In each page, you put your header, menu, then a dynamic list of blog posts, that you filter to show only the concerned posts.

Then you link posts in the grid to their template page, and your menu items to those new static pages you’ve created.