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Trouble linking a Button to a section on another page

After linking my button to the section of Portfolio, I was also able to link my menu bar titled Portfolio to the Portfolio section since it was on the same page, but if I am on my About page and try to click the Portfolio button from my menu bar nothing happens. I think this is because the Portfolio menu button is connected to a page section rather than a page. How do I connect a menu button to a page on a section so it can be accessed even if I am on my About page?

Here is my site Read-Only:

You got it fixed right? I found the button to work.

No, it still doesn’t work. When you’re already on the Portfolio home page and click on the Portfolio button from the menu bar it takes you to the portfolio section (as it should). But for example, when you’re on the about page or any other page and try to go back to the Portfolio page by using the Portfolio button from the menu bar nothing happens. How can I fix this?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Thanks in advance.

Oh… yeah I understand what the issue is. You will need to create 3 nav menus. 1 for each page. Add each individually. And I would give them all their own class. Example: Home Nav, Portfolio Nav, etc.

Then on the Portfolio page, you can add the click to scroll. Another member, had this same issue earlier.

Thanks that worked! Is there any way I can have the Portfolio menu button automatically scroll down and take the users to my list of portfolios if, for example, they are on the about page? Right now if you are on the about page and click Portfolio from the menu bar it takes you to the main page. Users would then need to scroll down to Portfolio or click the see my work button.

Read only Link-

hmm… let’s try to find a work-around.

Try adding the ‘section link’ from the homepage section to the link on About page:

Add this to the link:

See if that works. Make sure to Uncheck the open in new window box under the url.

Thank you! It finally worked

Awesome! Glad to help, have a great evening.

Also… on every other page… any page other than Portfolio… Home, About, Contact menus… Add the custom attribute at the bottom of the settings tab.

Name: target
Value: _self

It’s a full URL, so you don’t want to lose the same click feel as other menus. This will make it look like the other menus. I can’t test this because it’s read-only.

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