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Anchor Scroll unexpectedly ends before element

I have a page with a simple anchor scroll to id.

From my point of view I have set it up just the same as on :

This is the site - just navigate to the “Tour” page to see the scroll:

I’m a little confused… I don’t understand the problem.

On your website - from the home page

  • if you select the Start Tour option
    — you are taken to the Interactive Tour Page.

There is no scroll happening. Its a different page.

Sorry, I just realized what the confusion was about.

What I meant to say was that you can navigate to the Tour page and open the left-side menu and click one of the links there to see the scroll.

Thanks for the quick reply

Quick fix for this one, just put your menu in a section and you’ll be golden :slight_smile:

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That worked perfectly. Thank you so much, I’m happy :slight_smile:

Except just in the future putting my menu into a section, is there anything more that I can take away here? Maybe for the scroll to work, everything should simply be in a section? Or something css related?

Glad it helped! Putting your menu in a section is good for proper Semantic structure (good technical page layout), it also helps webflow’s scrolling script figure out where to scroll correctly. So besides having your menu in a section, you should be good. Your menu can have links to things that aren’t contained in sections, but in most cases, most elements you will be scrolling to will be in a section by nature. Sections should mainly be used to define different “subjects” of the page - so each “project in brief” goes in a section in your case, which is how you have it :slight_smile:

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