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Trouble element positioning/styling

Greetings to all.

I am very very happy with Webflow, but I’m very very very worried.

I created my first page, but it cost me a lot of work. When I was selecting an image, box, label toolbar, etc and wanted to change it in the menu on the right it is I became a totally different thing. Change the background color, size and location on the page. But mostly what happens is that disappears what I selected.

I have problems for all and I am very very worried.

I also happened sometimes when something changed, affecting other and automatically changed.

What’s going on?.

A greeting and please, help me.

Hi @mavideosyfotos, thanks a lot for the post! Could you also help and share the read-only link?

Thanks in advance!

How much do you know about html and css?

Of course:

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