Fixed Navbar is disappearing

I have spent the past 3 - 4 hours sifting the web for a solution from what it seems to be a unique problem. I want my navbar to be fixed on the top of the page at all times but as I hover my mouse on any part of the page, it automatically disappears. The moment I remove my mouse from the webpage it appears again. I have 2 background videos with buttons embedded in them, might that be the problem?
Thanks for your help! I’m sorry in advanced if my website is disorganized, I am just trying it out and learning its functionalities.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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hi @Jose_Luis_Moreyra_Jr try to use position: sticky instead with position top: 0% bottom: auto

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On your body hover state you have a scale applied. Remove it and that should fix your problem.


I want to deeply appreciate your help. This has solved my problem! So embarrassing that I did not realize this. :sweat_smile: