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Help! Responsive Issues


I have a problem with the bottom part of this home page. You’ll see what I mean when you click on the read-only link and compare these 2 photos. Things don’t stay in place, text and icons change size. It’s super frustrating and I can’t figure out why. Thank you, anyone!

How it is now:

How it should look:

Hi, you mention that you are quite new to web design. Your design seems pretty complex and one that I feel would take a considerable amount of expertise to build successfully. I think a wonderful way to build a website, if you are new, would be to take one of the templates in the WF showcase and clone it. You can then tweak it to give it the look and feel you need and add your own content. You will learn a lot by doing this and it won’t be long before you can build complex websites from scratch. Hope this helps.