Trouble editing modal contact form on Waiters template

I’m having trouble editing the modal screen contact form that is triggered by the contact button. (I’m a bit new to Webflow.) The way I expose the form is to open the “open popup” legacy interaction. However regardless of whether I edit the form or not, just by opening it, I seem to break the trigger action. After merely opening the popup in this way, the form keeps re-opening after it’s opened once even if I click the close button. I reverted back to an old version of the site in order to fix that issue, but I am unable to edit it without breaking the close action.

Can you tell the best way to edit the style and text of the form as well as the address to which inquiries are sent?

here’s the read only link



Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hi there :slight_smile: Just turn on the popup. Here is how:

just don’t forget to turn it back off when you’re done