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Trim body to header video


I was wondering if anyone could help me with my page high. Basically I just want video header with text over it and that’s all but after that header I have whole blank space … how can I trim the page to the header please. I just want it like landing page or coming soon type of page look. I found out somewhere that I should put the position of the header as fixed but than the video is not in center, and footer absolute … but I don’t have footer as I deleted the whole template and left the header only but the space is still there ://

Thank you !!!

Eva :slight_smile:

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Please share your read only link.

HI Dram,

Thank you!

I am not 100% sure I understood your request but if you want your video to be full-screen all you need to do is give your div block height of 100vh, remove the overflow edits you made from your video element, and set this video element to have width and height of 100% both.

Awww Thats it!!!

Thank you so much !


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Aw I still get the empty space on desktop …:///

Iis there anyone who can help please?

But its only on chrome browser.