How to make Video responsive

Can anyone please help me with adjusting the video header to not get so cut off?
Here is my read only link: :point_down:

hi @emilymask your question is very unclear.

  1. If you are talking about cuts from top it is related to your navbar fixed position.
  2. If you are talking about cuts from sides it is related to responsiveness

When it comes to responsive video feel free to find solution on this forum with proper keywords as it is very common request. Another tip can be to visit “made in Webflow” to study examples how thing are done.

You also can take look how to work with CSS positioning.

NOTE: you can also use video element instead background to have more control.

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What @Stan said, top is the nav, but the video is also set to fill, so if anything’s being cut off on the edges that you want there you might consider changing that to contain. However, you have the top section set to 100vh and full width, so I’m assuming you want it to cover the viewport completely which means the video should be set to cover (which will chop anything that goes over the edge and then cover the viewport), and then the easiest is to add some padding above the video so it’s not behind the nav.