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100% height of a DIV inside of a section

So, here is my situation

I want to have ONLY full width and HEIGHT web page, no scrolling and so on.

First I inserted Section, that will be holding all content inside of it. Inside that section are three DIV’s. First for Header( Navigation), second for main content and third for Footer.
Now the thing is that I would like to have Main Content DIV 100% height between Header and footer. But not 100% height of a browser window.

How can I achieve that? Somehow I can not find a proper (read: working) solution…

Here is link to my Designer

Please Help me

I don’t seem to understand you. % is used for measurement in regards to browser size. What are you trying to accomplish? :wink:

No matter the size of a browser, Head and Footer are at the same position, right?
Space between those two are meant for content. And for that content I wish it’s always filled 100% of a space available between header and footer.

Get it? :frowning:

hi @dva12

Try set your OT-Body Position property as Fixed (see image below)


are you looking for a 100vh solution ? or fullpage js solution ?

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