Large embedded video problems

Hi! I am extremely new to webflow and I am actually just using it for a project. I am not a web designer I just want to use it to display a video work. I have quite a large video, landscape format (6826x1920 pixels). The video is embedded directly inside the body. I would like to have a side scroll function ,which works right now. But my problem is that 4/1 of my video is cut off from the left. I also have a huge blank area on the right. Help please! I have no idea what I am doing.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Can you set up a share link? This way we can see how you’ve set up the layout. Here’s how:

Hi! Thank you for your response. Actually I just figured it out now by adding a div. Now I can see the whole vide. But now my issue is that I have a blank space under the video. And I am trying to get rid of that. And I think I can do that by disabling the vertical scroll. But cannot figure out how to do that.

This is interesting. I am able to see a side scroll when I publish my website but I cannot see it with the link I shared here. (by the way I attached the link)

I tried the preview link but it’s not working for me. I looked at the url but can’t figure out what’s wrong with it.

I added another link. I hope it works. Sorry I am such a noob.