Triggering More Than One Element(s), Possible?

I see Webflow has an (s) affer Element in the Object menu, and I just can’t figure out how to add more than one element.

I add one, it gets selected in blue, and then I type another but I can’t select any other elements.

Thanks for the help!


I just found the answer, the answer is you cannot. The (s) is only referring to the fact that multiple elements can have the same class and therefore be affected.

Edit, now I’m just lost, how does a site made in webflow, like this move 4 different sections (on the outside) from just one hover?

Hovering over the middle moves all 4 outside sections:

Hey @TravisBKlein you can add multiple interactions per an element and have multiple interactions for each trigger.

So say now you’d like to have several interactions happen on the “Navbar” trigger (you can style the open & closed state).

You would just add a “Navbar” trigger for each element that’s being affected.

Same goes for when you’d like to add a “hover” trigger to affect several different elements you can just keep adding multiple “hover” triggers and targeting each element by its class name.

Please let me know if this makes sense or if I can help you. There’s also a great guide to using interactions available here.

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omg I have been trying to learn this for a while now!

You are the best! I love webflow I’m so doing my site in this, I freaking love it!

I don’t know a lick of html or css and what I have been able to build in just 1 day of learning this is AMAZING.

I’m going to write up a short guide (soonish) for newbies on how someone with no html or css skill can really learn quickly.

thank you so much @Waldo, seriously, THANK YOU!

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Welcome to the Webflow community @TravisBKlein :slight_smile: we’re glad you’re here and I’m excited to see what you build in Webflow! Feel free to reach out with any design related questions here, and be sure to check out our Webflow Help Site: for awesome tutorials, docs & more.

Now go make something awesome! :smiley:

Yea I have been using that a lot, the help and videos.

Literally all I did yesterday, the whole day for 14 hours was sit here and go along step by step with the video of the guy making the webflow site.

I of course just tossed in whatever images, but I literally didn’t get up more than twice yesterday I was so into it lol!


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