Object's Interaction - Can't Tell Which Class

I discovered that if you are working with a class in STYLES, and then move to OBJECTS, and set an interaction, it does not visibly retain which class that interaction is applying to.

So in OBJECTS it just lists all the objects for the project but if you forget which is applying to which class, it’s just a guessing game.

One of the videos with a different version of Webflow the guy shows that he selects the class and each class would have its own interactions.

Now it seems its just global interactions without being able to tell what class they are applying to.

In this image these two interactions are corresponding to completely different classes.

Hi @TravisBKlein

Interaction applies (binds) to ELEMENT. Then you should choose trigger on which this interaction will start. For example, click on this element, or hover, or when this element will scroll into screen view.

But if inside the interaction you check option “Affect different elements” then you can control how will change ALL elements with particular CLASS, wich you will choose.

Hope I was able to explain.


Thanks Sabanna for the reply :slight_smile: I understand how they interact and its really awesome I Love it!

But visibly I think it should say which object is corresponding to which element instead of trying to guess and watch which one gets highlighted on the left side.

Well, that is something that probably should be suggested in Wishlist category of this forum :relieved:

yea after realizing I posted in the bug forum I realized that lol, I’ll do that now, after you are used to it its no problem.

thanks sabanna!

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