How to create timed animations in one timeline with multiple objects?

Hi Everyone, I’ve watched a new tutorial video on how to do triggers and animations. One thing I find a bit frustrating is all these videos show you how to animate just ONE object. Let’s say I want to trigger one object after the other, how can I do that?

Here is a screenshot of the Weblfow “how-to” video. You can see here, there is a stack of objects that they are animating, but unfortunately, the videos doesn’t show you how to actually get to that point. I’ve seen some clone mockups where if you hover over a word, the background changes colors and in the timeline, there are multiple objects, but I can only figure out how to get one object on the timeline.

Would really appreciate help with this. It seems so simple, but it’s notttt. lol

Thank you!

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When editing an animation, you can select another object on the page and then click the plus button to include it.

Smiling so big! It was so simple. lol thank you!