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Trigger and page animations problems

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a good Tuesday!
As for me, I have a big problem with Webflow that I can’t solve.

I created some Trigger Animations and Page Animations on my website, they were working very well but since today they don’t work anymore apparently.

They were mostly pop-up page animations and close Button trigger animation. I have the impression that even my buttons don’t work anymore because there is no longer the “Hover” function highlighted when you move the mouse over them.

To recap :

  • Page and Trigger animations don’t work anymore (since when? I don’t know)
  • This bug has created bunch of other bugs like Hover animations on buttons or inability to click a button simply
  • On some services like computer I have access to some animations and on others like mobile the animations are not available (bug)

I don’t know if I’ve made myself clear, but I’ll leave you my share-only read, I’d be happy if you go take a look at it:

Waiting for your answers thank you and have a nice day ! :slight_smile:

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