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Translating a website under Webflow without third parties like Weglot,

Hi Everyone,

If I need to translate a webflow website (I am used to Wpml on Wordpress, with xliff export/import) without having to link my website to a third party like Weglot or Localize, what are the steps to follow?
I can’t find any directions in the Help or on this forum.


Seems like translation or localisation is not an issue for Webflow users… I am still in the dark, I have to arbitrate between Webflow and Wordpress and this is the last info I need.
It wouls be great iif someone could give me some insights.

Hi @vince,

Multilanguage with Webflow is possible if you duplicate your pages into a different a different folder (“en/” for example). You then need to add the correct hreflang attribute. It’s a tedious process if you have too many pages, especially with the 100 pages hard limit.

There is a blog post about it :

There’s also a javascript solution on the forum :

I tried both but in the end I prefer Weglot.

Hello Jean Pierre,

Ok thanks for your feedback.

The thing is that using Weglot means that we need to have a constant link between the website and Weglot. So we are tied with this solution “at vitam eternam”. And this, even if the website won’t be updated very often.
I’m thinking also about the consequences in tems of loading time… not sure about that.

To what I remember there was a slight 70-150ms added loading time.

I feel ya on the reliance to an external solution but Webflow is a lot about that, but what’s better, a company behind a solution or a plugin that could lead to potential security issues.

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