Moving from Weglot to Webflow Localization

I’m not an enterprise customer, but shortly the Localization feature will be available natively through Webflow. Today I have a number of sites using Weglot for translations. With the Localization feature we would be able to save a good amount of money moving away from Weglot.

Does anyone know if you would have to manually re-enter the translated content, or if there’s some way of exporting translated content from Weglot and importing it to Webflow? A lot of the content has gone through manual translation and the auto-translation will most likely not be sufficient.

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Hello !

I’m having the same context as yours, did you have any answers to your post, or did you manage to make a migration from Weglot to Webflow Localize ? If so, I’m interested into having some tips about what happens into this procedure.

Also, have you set up a redirection strategy on urls ? Webflow seems to have a specific subdirectory rule (which seems to be better) and my Weglot websites have a different rule ( VS

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This is the answer from the Webflow support:

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out — my name’s Ryan and I’m a Technical Customer Support Associate here at Webflow.

At this time, there isn’t a method to automatically import translations from Weglot to Webflow — migrating is a manual process.

If you have more than one locale, I’d recommend starting with one locale and copy & paste the translated content over for each static page. Then open the CMS Collections for that locale and copy & paste the translated CMS content from the Weglot site to the CMS fields. You could then repeat that process for each of the remaining locales.

Once all the content has been copied over, you can enable publishing to all of the locales, disconnect Weglot, and republish your site.

Note: It is possible to import localized CMS content via CSV — just be sure that you are in a locale other than your primary: How to localize Collection items

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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After translating manually, we setup a redirect in AWS to permanently direct all requests to