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Translate your CMS dates and convert your CMS time to 24h format

Thank you very much! I need this from some time ago!!

Where is that option? Can’t find it, and I need 24h format for a Norwegian site.

For every weird time format option, there’s a 24hr format one.

That’s great, thanks! :slight_smile: And there is no way the time picker in the editor can become 24h as well?

Oh I hear you @alicee :slight_smile: To me that time picking panel doesn’t make a lot of sense either…


Hours starting at 12 hurt my brain. Users outside the AM PM zones can never tell the difference between 12 PM and 12 AM. Which is which? I personally never remember. We must be a lot in this case.

Webflow has started to work on multilanguage and localization. And they also started to ctively work on accessibility. Both are huge tasks. Maybe we will see some changes to address worldwide particularities like the time picker.

Would be cool to have larger panel, centered and more focussed. I don’t get why a popover has to be tiny and hooked to the field. If the field is at the bottom of the screen the whole UI jumps up to make room for it while it’s open.

That would be so nice! The person that is going to have the editor access on this page I’m making is in his 50s, he’s not that good in English, and probably doesn’t know the difference between AM an PM either :slight_smile: So I’m happy to hear that you guys are starting to work on multilanguage and localization :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, I’m not working for Webflow I’m only a user. The informations I’m giving you about what Webflow is working on are public, I get them from the forum, video interviews, press releases etc. I know certain work has started but I wouldn’t know for when results are due nor what will be the scope of them.

So in total honesty the mockup I’ve done in Photoshop in my previews answer most likely will never happen as is :smiley: It’s kind of a fantasy, I can’t help :smiley:

Aha, I see :smiley: Well, I really appreciated your help! :slight_smile:

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Thank you this is still working well. Just a note though the changes will not be visible in Designer. I had to publish the page and view it Live to see the effects. So I spent a while thinking it was not working before discovering this, might be worth to mention on the page!

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I take for granted that everyone understand that anything JS has results only in Publish. You’re right, I shouldn’t, and should make this clear. Thanks!

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