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Easily translate date in Webflow

Hello guys,

I’ve been using this code for every project now to translate dynamic words like months or days in Webflow.
Credits goes to i think @bart who gave the base of the code to @vincent

The way it works :

  • Simply add combo class classdate on any text block you want to translate.
  • Change the words in the code below if you to change de translation or add a new line you want to translate in monthsEn and the translation in monthsFr
  • Add the script bellow in the footer of your project.


// config
var dateclass = 'classdate';

$(document).ready(function() {
  var wfdc = $('.' + dateclass);

  wfdc.each(function() {
    var wfdctxt = $(this).text();

    var monthsEn = [

    var monthsFr = [

    for (var i = 0; i < monthsEn.length; i++) {
      wfdctxt = wfdctxt.replace(monthsEn[i], monthsFr[i]);


This is case-sensitive though. I suggest this:

wfdctxt = wfdctxt.toLowerCase().replace(monthsEn[i].toLowerCase(), monthsFr[i]);
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