Translate your CMS dates and convert your CMS time to 24h format

2019 Edit: as of 1.1.2019 Webflow CMS supports time in 24h format.

Hi all, here’s a minisite to help you with your international projects.

A set of Javascript files to translate dates from english to your local language, and to convert time from US to international format. Especially useful for your Webflow CMS international clients.

Hope this will help some of you!

Edit: there’s an issue with UTF8 with the files uploaded, i’m fixing it right now…
Edit2: done, the files are now hosted on GitHub


Thank you!

P.S. Poland and Russian flags in your site are not correct.

Haha yes thanks I’ve fixed this :wink:

Hi @vincent Nice graphics and colours as usual! You didn’t use OpenGL on this site then? :wink:

Hahaha, I wish I could use openGL for everything :smiley:

By the way, I tested WebGL, look:

I can’t put that online because the HTML file is so big it clips before loading entirely.

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@vincent AH! Sorry I meant WebGL! - looks good - that’s a shame… maybe a simpler model? I’m not sure how it works. Does number of verts in the model matter with WebGL? …is it even a 3D model or just code?!! LOL!! Did you model the boat in Cinema 4D? :slight_smile:

Oh, a simpler everything, and a better process. This is just a test and making webgl/vrml requires a TON of work in production prior to exporting something nice and that performs well. Starting by having a simpler model that makes good use of shaders instead of using a complex mesh. Then a controled scene lightings, then 3 or 4 different techs to export, convert, optimize… I’m not even started yet :smiley:

Yes the more meshes are complex the more there’s data to process. And actually it’s better to use shaders as you gpu will render that. It’s more effective to do a gpu sphere with a cube and a shader than to do a complex geosphere mesh.

So it’s just code but from C4D, exported in vrml and converted to something else

Yep I modeled in C4D.

C4D is fun! I could bend my entire world to get more interesting and convenient fields of view


Ah - hence the simple pasta shape… low poly… I had a look at some WebGL docs the other day… seemed very codey… I still don’t really understand it. Maybe Webflow can design ‘Create WebGL without coding’…!


The ideal workflow starts in the 3D tool I think. Apparently, the way to go is to use the three.js library, it has a lot of potential, especially it makes scenes interactive. So you need a good plugin to go from C4D directly to three.js. That exists apparently.

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Your map is great and works brilliantly on the website with the animations. I use Blender a lot and have done a lot of 3D modelling - Blender is the best for modelling - its the easiest… but a friend said about Cinema 4D the other day… easier for animations… On a side note what does Sketchfab use to generate their interactive 3D models? Is that a similar thing?

pffiou their header is insane

I don’t know, for sure webgl/vrml but I’m not very savvy on how to name those things yet

Thanks for answering my questions!! :fist:

Oh I could try to use their service and embed from there, that may be the ideal scenario…

You are a Webflow pioneer Vincent! Happy to help with any modelling… here’s some of my stuff, all done in Blender… Stetckfab embeds at the top:

Waow i’m impressed. i’m never been great at modeling, I have no experience. Always dod anims with basic geometry, arrays etc. For the boat I almost gave up and finally found I could you a vertical lathe…

Thanks Vincent! I’m losing patience with modelling now. It’s like gaming; It can take up a lot of your time…! It would be great if Webflow had a 3D model import widget… WOW! I can dream! :pray: - I hope you make good progress with WebGL… keep us posted!

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When we have copy/paste, we’ll be able to set our own libs of small ready-made elements… I have one or two ideas around this… let’s wait for copy/paste :slight_smile:

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