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Date conversion code EN to FR

Hello dear webflow,

I recently found a little code @vincent wrote (I believe), I tried to implement it on my webflow project (see custom code on my read-only link) but it seems I am missing something as the date abréviations still are in english when I publish the site.

Any Idea ?

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I’m really sorry, problem solved.
I just realised I forgot to add specific class to my text element so the script would know what to translate… amazin little script though !


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Good :slight_smile: It usually works well.

Too much credit, I compiled this code at best. I actually understand this one but @bart helped me on this at the time.

Little extra tip: if you see the text flashing upon loading the page, because it’s translated a wee bit after the original text showed up, add a simple interaction that makes the text fade-in after 100ms, on a span of 100 extra ms. This way it’s elegant and you don’t have flashing text.

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Awesome !
Thank you for the additional infos and tip !
Appreciate :slight_smile:

I just realized this tip is actually already in the mini site :smiley:

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