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Transitions in a Form

Hi guys. Is there a way to edit the interactions in a form? I’ve inserted an email capture form but can’t figure out how to manipulate the interactions when, say, someone clicks the “Submit” button. Ideally, I’d like transition from the click to the “Thank You” text to be a bit less abrupt than the default. Thanks!

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Hi @mikgun,

When you click on the form element, go to settings panel on the right side of the screen

and there you choose option “Sucess”.

When you click it, you will see “Sucess message” in Designer area in the place where was your form. Now you can give it a style, change text or appearance as you want…

Just do not forget at the end, make it display: none (you will see it in designer mode anyway) and click “Normal” again.

Hope it helps.


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