Triggering certain elements after clicking form's CTA button and only if successful form submission

Hey there!

New to learning about interactions, and we are lost in terms what we want to achieve here…

  1. Visitor enters their email and clicks ‘Subscribe’
  2. If the submission is successful, the share icons below disappear
  3. Yellow rectangle (at this point should be blank) adjusts in height to accommodate the success message and share icons
  4. The success message for the form appears inside the yellow rectangle
  5. Share icons reappear inside the yellow rectangle underneath the success message

Hope this is possible. Thanks in advance for the help!

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hi @skinpores,

This interaction can not yet be created by Webflow’s native interactions panel. You’ll have to use JavaScript to create an interaction when the form is successfully submitted.

Hi! Thanks for your input. We are not coders here…So we don’t suppose we can trouble you a little further to guide us a bit more on this? :slightly_smiling_face: